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Pansophic is an ode to lifelong learning. To exploring personal interests, learning new skills, keeping informed, and educating yourself. It’s a lifestyle blog geared at modern young professionals who are educated, curious, and resourceful. If you have varied interests, dream about a fulfilling career, believe in continuous learning, and refuse to be jaded about the world – this is the place for you.

What you’ll find here:

  • A mix of original and curated content on a variety of topics and interests sure to make you a hit on a long elevator ride.
  • A slew of tested DIY projects, recipes, and home renovation tips in the Hands On section to help you build a beautiful home, explore your creative side, and boost up your kitchen swagger.
  • Life Skills section to help you become that confident, independent super-human capable of, well, life. Because they don’t teach us that at school.
  • Juicy morsels of brain food in the Smart Stuff section to help you sound like the pro that you are. From better vocabulary to smart trivia to career and personal development resources to balanced perspectives on global (and local!) issues – we don’t know it all but we have internet and we can learn.
  • Expanding your horizons is easiest to do away from your couch. On the Road supplies exploration inspiration in the form of experience-based reviews of local and international destinations, festivals and events.
  • Hope for Humanity feeds your inner idealist for providing a supply of inspirational stories of personal achievement, human compassion, and technological progress. Mainstream news would have us believe the world is about to end but there are a lot of individuals and organizations doing amazing things and proving every day that our generation is not doomed. You will find a sample of these here to restore your spirits and maybe even join the movement.

Why “pansophic”:

Pansophic is an adjective stemming from “pansophia”, which in Classical Greek literally means “all wisdom”. More loosely, it refers to an ancient pedagogic idea that aspired to teach everything to everyone irrespective of social or economic position, race or nationality. Universal by nature in both scope and accessibility, it was to be a guiding basis for education. Being pansophic means embracing all knowledge and having infinite awareness, understanding and insight.

Why pansophy matters:

If you’ve ever watched Rick Mercer’s “Talking to Americans”, you are aware of how much smart people don’t know. And I don’t mean advanced calculus. General awareness of the world, basic understanding of how things work, the ability to assess and question information instead of taking it at face value…The focus of the developed world in on specialization but I believe in the crucial importance of a wide general knowledge base. Until our education system catches up, it is up to us to fill in the gaps and make ourselves truly pansophic. Why bother:

  • There are a lot of things we don’tlearn in school;
  • There is a greater recognition and appreciation of generalists in modern entrepreneurial environments (and let’s face it, that’s where all the fun jobs are!);
  • Learning keeps the brain alive;
  • Wider awareness allows us to make connections and fosters creative problem solving (very important for tackling global problems of sustainability and development, not to mention avoiding the doomsday scenario);
  • Realizing how much you don’t know and can learn from others is humbling and crucial for personal growth, true international cooperation, and mutual understanding;
  • Increased adaptability;
  • Just about any activity has inherent skills that can be applied creatively to other areas of our life;
  • The more you learn, the more you can learn.


About the Author


Olena IngerovaI’m Olena and I’m by no means a Know-It-All. I do, however, have a multitude of interests, a rather active brain, a (not-so-)secret creative side and that millennial desire to do something more with my life and make the world a better place. Like many others, I have way too much education under my belt, a an unrelated practical job that pays the bills, and too little time in the day to do the things I want to do. I also know many others who wear the same hat.

This blog is my outlet and my way of learning more, doing more, and, hopefully, inspiring others to find ways to live a more fulfilling life without necessarily throwing caution to the wind and uprooting their entire life in the pursuit of those elusive dreams. We can’t do it all (and who wants to, anyway; it’s exhausting!) but we can choose to focus on what really matters to us and work on building the best lives we can in a way that makes us happy.

Happy reading and I look forward to bumping into you out there in the big wide world 🙂