Goats being dressed at the Campbellford Goat Derby

Campbellford Goat Derby

Goats being dressed up in the holding pen at the Campbellford Goat Derby

The Campbellford Goat Derby is one of those unique festival traditions you come across all over small-town Ontario. I found it when I spotted the Incredible Edibles festival on Twitter. Always being on the lookout for new food shows to explore, I was intrigued. However, this was a bit of a drive to get out to and I was lacking a guarantee the trek would be worth it. My decision was made when I looked over the festival schedule and saw the words “Goat Derby”. This was too adorable to pass up. I was in!

Goats being released from the pen at the Campbellford Goat Derby

The festival itself was a cute small-town event with lots of tasty food that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. It had a great relaxed atmosphere and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. My favourite part, however, was definitely the goat derby. Kids dressed up goats in costumes and led them through an obstacle course. Quite a crowd gathered to take this in and the race was too cute for words.

Racers out of the pen with their goats at the Campbellford Goat Derby

It was goat mayhem in the holding pen and right out the gate. Goats were going ever which way, costume props were flying in all directions, and the crowd was loving every minute of it. The kids showed determination and perseverance in getting their goats lined up in a row. That was quite a feat!

Starting line for one of the heats at the Campbellford Goat Derby

At the starting line tensions were high. Racers were strategizing and giving their goats a pep talk. Ready or not, the race was on!

Racers on the course at the Campbellford Goat Derby

The hardest part proved to be getting the goats to follow the race course. With coaxing, pleading, and often lifting and pulling, the racers entertained a cheering crowd. After a tremendous show of collaboration and good sportsmanship, everyone finished the course and no goat was left behind (however reluctant to take the road less travelled).

Ramp obstacle at the Campbellford Goat Derby

Most impressive was the ingenuity of the kids. Some expressed promising leadership skills, catching on quickly that sometimes the best way to lead is to lead by example. Up the ramps and over hay bales they went, with their goats in tow.

And when all else failed, they made sure to finish the race course, with or without their goat. The future of this country is bright! 🙂

Girl climbing over the ramp obstacle at the Campbellford Goat Derby

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