Atlas Coal Mine, Alberta

The abandoned Atlas Coal Mine on the Hoodoo Trail in the Drumheller Valley turned out to be unexpectedly cool. I’m not usually one for tours but this site is pretty unique and we couldn’t quite pass it up, especially once we learned that these tours […]

Dinosaur Trail, Alberta

Alberta’s Dinosaur Trail is known around the world. You can’t come to Alberta without getting in on some dinosaur action and this driving tour of the Drumheller Valley is a great introduction to the Canadian Badlands that hits all the major points of interest on […]

Lake Louise, Alberta

Lake Louise, Alberta

Banff National Park is known around the world as one of the most photogenic places in Canada and Lake Louise as one of its crown jewels. The turquoise waters are real, the views are magnificent, and the journey is well worth it. If you have […]

Goats being dressed at the Campbellford Goat Derby

Campbellford Goat Derby

The Campbellford Goat Derby is one of those unique festival traditions you come across all over small-town Ontario. I found it when I spottedĀ the Incredible Edibles festival on Twitter. Always being on the lookout for new food shows to explore, I was intrigued. However, this […]