Clothing care tag symbols

Life Skill: Reading Clothing Care Symbols

Clothing care tag symbols

How much would you say you’ve spent on clothing over the years? Just think about it for a second. Take your time. Keep that number in your head. Now, think about what happens to those clothes after you wear them…

Ever got a new piece of clothing, wore it once, put it in the wash, and ruined it forever? Shrank a favourite sweater? Ruined a shirt while ironing? It happens more than you think. Clothing comes with care tags for a reason but somewhere along the line we stopped learning what they mean, producing a whole generation that doesn’t know how to care for their possessions of the wearable kind. And considering the amount of money we all spend on clothes, taking proper care of them is kind of important.

Luckily, clothing care tags are not all that complicated to figure out once you familiarize yourself with the rules. There are extensive lists available that you can print out and post in your laundry room for easy reference (try this one, this one or this one). Or, if you learn what the basic symbols mean and what the possible mark-ups designate, you have yourself a shortcut.

11 symbols to know to figure out all clothing care tag instructions

Read more about using this shortcut here.

And there you have it. That’s all there is to it.


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