Dachshund Draft Stopper

Plaid dachshund draught stopper

Pinterest is an endless source of inspiration when it comes to DIY projects and I must have hundreds of ideas filed away for “someday”. I was recently browsing sewing project ideas and came across a draft stopper in the shape of a dachshund. I thought it was genius. And with my mom’s birthday around the corner, I thought it would make a perfect present.

I actually used to make stuffed toys when I was little and this was a perfect weekend project to take me back to my childhood. I’m not very good with a sewing machine but hand sewing, that I can do. And I learned well enough to be able to make a pattern and put the pieces together. Plus I can never quite figure out the whole business of enlarging pre-made patterns to certain dimensions. It’s easier for me to make my own, plus I get full control over the aesthetics. This project was on!

Original sketches of a dachshund draught stopper

The first step was sketching my idea of what the finished product would look like. Drawing isn’t my strongest suite but I can manage basic shapes that give me an idea of what pieces I would need. Then I sketched out the pieces I would need to make the finished shape, thinking through the process of putting them together and making sure the form would hold and nothing was missing.

After that, it was on to making these to scale and cutting them out. In the absence of craft paper, I used glossy ads from my recycling bin so as not to get newsprint all over my hands and fabric. I made the body pieces the length of a door frame and eyeballed the rest of the parts, making sure the corresponding seams were the same length.

Dachshund draught stopper pattern

Once I had a pattern, I dug up a an old pair of flannel PJs to use as fabric, which was a perfect choice not only because I liked the pattern but also because my mom has been on my case to throw them out for years. Even if the project didn’t turn out, she would be happy the pants were gone. I ripped apart the main seams to make it easier to pin the long pieces to the fabric, then cut out all my sewing parts.

Several hours of sewing and a major Netflix marathon later, I had myself a plaid doxie to live under a draughty door. It would probably have gone a lot faster with a sewing machine but that only works if you know what you’re doing. Maybe I’ll try that for the next one 😉

Finished plaid dachshund draught stopper


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