Dehydrator Apple Chips

Bowl of apples

Apple season is in full swing and having recently purchased a food dehydrator, apple chips were high on my priority list. They are incredibly easy to make and a delightful snack when you get the munchies but don’t want to reach for junk food.

Like good fries, I like my apple chips with the skins on. I skip the peeling and give them a good wash instead. You can choose to peel them instead, in which case you can skip the washing.

Washed apples in a sink

Pat dry with a kitchen towel and slice into thin circles, trying to keep your slices as uniform as possible. If you have an apple corer, take the core out before slicing (I find it a little hard to chew but you could leave it in; the star shape makes a very pretty chip).┬áIf you don’t have an apple corer, a tool tip from a piping bag or any other small circular object can be used to easily punch out the cores from the slices.

Coring apple slices with a piping bag tip

Toss the apple slices with some fresh lemon juice to coat, and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar (or ground cinnamon and sugar separately), distributing evenly. You’re going to want to get dirty here and do this by hand, as spoons aren’t really great at this and the slices are easily breakable.

Apple slices ready to be tossed with lemon juice and cinnamon sugar

Lay the slices out on your food dehydrator trays without overlapping.

Apple slices spread out on a food dehydrator tray

Turn your dehydrator to 135F and carry on with your day. No supervision is required! Depending on how thin you sliced your apples and whether you like your apple chips crispy or chewy, these will take anywhere between 8-12 hours. Start checking on these after 8 hours and take them out when you’re happy with how they look.

Apple Chips

Store in an airtight container to keep the moisture from getting in.


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