Easy Wall Hook from Old Door Knobs: A Picture Tutorial

My boyfriend and I are both cooks and when he moved in, our apron collection exploded. Unfortunately, I live in a condo and we all know that condos are not known for their ample amounts of storage space (or for their charm and personality, for that matter!). With standard (and often low quality) builder finishes and tiny rooms that barely fit full-grown furniture, it’s hard to cram the rest of your worldly possessions into a handful of cupboards. One easy way to add functional storage and infuse a very bland space with a shot of personality, is by adding easy vertical storage solutions. Best part is, you can do it yourself and end up with something much more original and waaaay less expensive than you could find in a store.

To house our combined apron collection, I made an easy wall hook from a piece of wood and some old door knobs. Not only are they now easily accessible, but a previously empty piece of wall that had no other use now doubles as a bit of an artistic display and makes me smile every time I walk in the door. And the best part? The project took me 20 mins and cost $5! I’d say that’s a win.

Wall hook from old door knobs

You Will Need:

  • a piece of wood in whatever size fits your space
  • a handful of old door knobs
  • a measuring tape and a pencil (unless you want to eyeball it, which is A-OK too)
  • a drill
  • wall plugs and screws for mounting
  • self-adhesive furniture pads (the kind you stick to the bottom of your furniture legs to keep them from scratching the floor)

Where to Get It:

You can check flea markets, second-hand stores, or hardware stores to get your supplies. I got mine at a local ReStore and it cost me less than $5 for the knobs and the wood. They have excellent prices and an ever-changing array of home improvement supplies that are a DIYer’s dream. Plus the proceeds support Habitat for Humanity, so you really can’t go wrong. Or you might just find everything you need in your own garage or basement!

You can get knobs of the same kind for a more polished look. I like things a bit more eclectic, so I picked out all different knobs and I’m rather charmed with the results.

How to Make the Hook:

Wall hook from old door knobs

  1. Measure your plank of wood and figure out how many holes you need to drill, so you can space everything out evenly. Keep in mind that you will not be putting the knobs on the very ends of the plank, so take at least two inches off the total length of the plank before you divide that number by the number of “hooks” you would like to have. You also want to make sure you leave enough space (either at the edges or somewhere closer to the middle) for the holes to attach the plank to the wall. I had six knobs and two screws holding the plank in place, so I drilled 8 holes total.
  2. Mark the spots for the holes with a pencil so you don’t lose your place.
  3. Hold the plank firmly in place as you drill the holes. You want to make sure the drill bit is about the width of the screws. You also want to hold the section with the hole you’re drilling over the edge of a table (or another raised surface) so you don’t end up making any additional holes in your furniture that you weren’t planning on making. Wall hook from old door knobs
  4. Screw the knobs into place. Wall hook from old door knobs
  5. Since we didn’t make a groove in the back for the heads of the knobs to sit on, you will end up with a raised surface on the back of the plank that won’t sit flush with the wall. To keep it from wobbling, I used self-adhesive furniture pads to even things out. It’s a cheater solution but it works like a charm! Take a couple of felt pads and attach them to the back of plank on each end. This will keep the plank from wobbling when you attach it to the wall. Wall hook from old door knobs
  6. Hold the plank up to the wall where you want to install it. Push a nail through the remaining two holes to scratch the wall to mark it (this saves you the measuring and marks the exact spot where you need to drill).
  7. Drill holes in the marked spot. Install wall plugs if it’s in drywall. Secure the plank to the wall with screws.
  8. Admire your handiwork, Tweet or Instagram your handiwork, and enjoy!


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