Ginger-Peach Frozen Yogurt

Ginger and peach frozen yogurt in a pretty bowl next to the container it was scooped from

Ginger and peach is one of my favourite flavour combinations. Combined with the tangy tartness of yogurt, it is a perfect summer dessert that’s light and flavourful, with a little bit of a kick to it. When local peaches are in season, it is particularly delightful and easy to put together. Try this frozen yogurt recipe tonight!

Ever since I discovered the magic of homemade frozen yogurt (see this post), I have been experimenting with frozen yogurt flavours. Ginger and peach is one of my favourite creations and it was a huge crowd pleaser in the office. This one takes a little bit more planning to make, just because you need to cool the peach mixture before adding it to the yogurt mixture in the ice cream maker. Try this on a weekend or spread out the process over two weeknight if you don’t want to feel rushed.

Ginger-peach mixture being made: diced peaches, grated fresh ginger, and lemon juice in a pan

You will need:

2.5 cups plain full-fat yogurt (1 large 750ml container minus 1 cup)
1 cup peach-ginger mixture (see below)
1 cup sugar

Ginger Peach Frozen Yogurt

How to make the magic happen:

To make the peach-ginger mixture, peel and finely dice two peaches. You want them ripe but still firm so they don’t turn to mush. I had a couple of different varieties at home, so I cut up one firmer one and one riper one for a juicy mix that would still retain some solid chunks for texture. Add a squeeze or two of lemon juice, and simmer over med-low heat in a small pan until the peaches are soft and most of the liquid evaporates. You really just want to cook the peaches down a bit and let the flavours mix.

Ginger-peach mixture cooling in a pan

The next step is very important: you need to let that mixture cool completely before you make your frozen yogurt. Not warm, not lukewarm – it needs to be completely cool. If you have time to stick it in the fridge before mixing it in, even better. The cooler it is, the better your frozen yogurt will set.

Once the mixture is cool, you are ready to make the frozen yogurt. Whisk the sugar into the yogurt until it dissolves. Pour into the ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer’s directions. In the last 5 mins, mix in a cup of the peach ginger mixture (if you have a little more, that’s ok; otherwise, save the extra to use as a topping). Let the ice cream maker run for a few more minutes, then transfer to a freezer-safe container and freeze until firm.

Ginger-peach frozen yogurt served in a pretty bowl


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