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In the age of sensationalist reporting, mass desensitization of human suffering, political agendas, paparazzi and all-powerful mainstream media networks, the Good News Network gives me hope.

Tragedy sells. You can’t argue against that. People flock to the screen of their choice to read all about the latest plane crash or natural disaster. Tabloids sell like hot cakes when another celebrity cheating scandal takes up the front cover. Newspapers fly off the shelves with stories of public embezzlement, terrorist attacks, and mass shootings. And media networks are in it to make money.

Business is business and that’s all well and good but all we get out of it – beyond a momentary relief that someone is worse off than we are – is a skewed perspective and an overwhelming feeling of discouragement, despair and dread. You’d think there’s nothing in this world except misery and destruction, which is far from being the case.

That’s why I love the fact that this little website has such staying power. Around since 1997, they gather and broadcast positive news from around the world. And it’s not a non-profit, either. It was specifically created as a for-profit business to prove that good news can and does sell. 18 years later and still going strong, I’d say they make a pretty good argument!

For a regular dose of hope and warm+fuzzy feelings, be sure to visit, subscribe, and check out the story of Geri Weis-Corbley, the website’s founder, who taught herself to code (back in 1997!) to get this particular ball rolling. All the good news are free to peruse and you can even get them fresh right in your inbox!

Happy reading 🙂


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