Humans of New York (and Dublin, Baltimore, Jerusalem, etc.)

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Geohive estimates the world’s population at a little over 7.3 billion today, up from under a billion just 200 years ago. The largest city has over 18 million inhabitants, not including surrounding suburban areas. Increasingly, we are numbers, lost in a sea of strangers. But one photographer is breaking the ice and putting faces (and stories) to some of those numbers.

Humans of New York showcases portraits and stories of regular New Yorkers and the project became so popular that it gained millions of followers on social media and produced a #1 New York Times bestselling book. Some of the stories, such as this heartbreaking vulnerability of a gay boy, have produced an outpouring of support to the tune of almost 2,000 Facebook comments (including one from Hillary Clinton!), over 63,000 shares and just shy of 670,000 likes.

Humans of New York photo of a homosexual boy crying because he is afraid people won't like him and worried about his future. Hillary Clinton commented saying his future will be amazing and he will do incredible things, surrounded by people who love and believe in him.

Regular people finding creative ways to connect with others and break down the barriers of anonymity in large cities are giving me reason to hope for humanity.

What’s even more special is that this project has inspired many others to connect with their fellow humans, sparking a mass of “Humans of…” projects around the world:

Search for a city near you to see if a new project has sprung up!

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The updated link for Humans of Jerusalem is and