How to fix a loose ironing board cover

How to Fix a Loose Ironing Board Cover

How to fix a loose ironing board cover

The cover on my ironing board came loose and while technically still usable, it was a major pain because it would keep slipping. Luckily, it’s a very easy fix to put it back in place. All you need is an elastic band and a safety pin.

Most ironing board covers would have piping going all around the edge, which gives you a little pocket for the elastic band to sit in. Go to your local fabric store and get a piece of elastic that’s long enough to go all the way around the ironing board and thin enough to fit inside the little “pocket” going around the edge of the cover. You’ll also want to get a small safety pin that can fit inside that same pocket. Some clothing tags are actually secured with these, so I usually save them and keep them in my sewing box.

Elastic band long and thin enough to go around the edge of the ironing board cover

First, remove the old elastic or string from around the edge of your ironing board cover. Slip the safety pin through the new elastic band to attach and insert it inside the pocket at the edge of the ironing board cover. Then start pushing it forward and pulling the fabric back as you go. A good technique is to push the safety pin from the end, gathering fabric over it in several folds as you do this. Then hold the fabric over the front end of the pin and smooth out the folds you’ve just made, pushing the fabric back. This will move the pin forward and the elastic band through the fabric pocket.

Steps in fixing a loose ironing board cover: pushing the safety pin with the elastic attached to it through the fabric piping

If your elastic is just long enough to go around the cover, you’ll want to watch the back end of it once you start getting close to finishing to make sure it doesn’t slip inside the pocket. If there isn’t much elastic left, get another safety pin and pin the end of the elastic to the fabric so you don’t have to go fishing for it later. Once you finish pushing the pin through, it will come out on the other side. You should have both ends of the elastic in your hand, with the elastic itself running through the piping at the edge of the ironing board cover all the way around.

How to fix a loose ironing board cover

Next, hold on to both ends loosely (just enough so you don’t lose the ends but not so hard that the elastic can’t move through your fingers as needed). Start at the end with the safety pin and try to push the fabric back along the elastic so it’s not too bunched up. You’ll need to slip this over the ironing board and you don’t want it too tight so it actually fits. Without slipping the safety pin from its original place, clip it to the other end of the elastic so the two are now connected in a loop. Slip the cover over your ironing board. Now unclip the safety pin from the loop, leaving it on the original end of the elastic. Clip this end to the fabric itself and pull the other end of the elastic to tighten the cover on the ironing board. It should be nice and snug but not too strained.

How to fix a loose ironing board cover

Now simply remove the safety pin and tie the two ends of the elastic into a secure knot (if you’re lazy) or sew the two ends together into a loop and tuck them inside the fabric (if you want to do it properly). And that’s all there is to it! The whole process will take you about 15 mins.



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