Endemic. Adjective. (Of a disease or condition) regularly found among particular people or in a certain area. (Of a plant or animal) native or restricted to a certain place

Words to Know: Endemic

This is a great one to know because you often hear it on the news but many people aren’t quite sure what it means. Simplified, it basically denotes a location, be it geographic or demographic. For other uses, pronunciation clip and sample usage visit the […]

Ambivalent. Adjective. Having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone.

Words to Know: Ambivalent

“Ambivalent” is a great word to know if you want to express your uncertainly or confusion about a particular subject in a professional manner. Because sometimes, “well, I just don’t know…” simply won’t cut it. For a pronunciation sound clip and sample usage visit the […]

Life Skill: Water Safety. Know your ability, know the dangers, act accordingly

Life Skill: Water Safety

Water is one of the first things we think of when someone says “summer”. Swimming, boating, fishing, diving, kayaking, white water rafting – the list of water-related activities goes on and on. It’s just plain fun. There is no doubt about it. But water is […]

Where in the world is Timbuktu?

Where is Timbuktu?

How often have you heard someone mention Timbuktu when referring to someplace very, very, VERY far away or difficult to get to? Right, me too. Problem is, while I do know it’s a real place, I never quite know where exactly it is. Only that it’s […]

Pansophic. Adjective. Of or relating to universal wisdom of encyclopedic knowledge, or a system of universal knowledge

Words to Know: Pansophic

  I believe in the power of a good vocabulary. It makes you a stronger writer, allows you to express yourself much more clearly, and makes people more likely to respect your opinions as those of an educated, well-spoken professional. As a bonus, it’s good […]